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Optimize your infrastructure, applications and service management.

1. Product Support
Product Support Services help you increase operational efficiency, lower support costs, and improve availability risk management through automated network-equipment inventory management and award-winning support. With these services, you can:
• More effectively manage risk, plan for equipment upgrades, and comply with your corporate policies
• Identify and resolve issues quickly and reduce downtime
• Streamline contract management and access support resources faster

2. Solution Support
Solution Support Services help you increase solution uptime and employee productivity by providing priority access to dedicated and focused resources to manage, troubleshoot, and speed resolution of issues that might arise within complex, multivendor solutions. They supplement product-level technical support to:
• Quickly isolate and resolve issues that may arise within the solution
• Improve the performance of IT and network operations
• Increase the availability of the applications supported within the solution

3. Optimization
Optimization Services help you to optimize your network and IT infrastructure, applications, and service management. They identify gaps, deliver recommendations, and provide expert support so you can:
• Improve the performance, availability, resiliency, and visibility of your network and IT services
• Prepare the network and IT infrastructure for change and more effectively manage change
• Increase your team’s self-sufficiency
• Reduce operating costs and improve return on your investments
• Mitigate risks that can compromise the privacy and security of data

4. Operations Management
Operations Management Services help you simplify network and IT operations, lower the total cost of network ownership, and accelerate adoption of advanced technologies while retaining visibility and control. By out-tasking proactive monitoring and management of your network infrastructure in alignment with industry standard processes such as ITIL® and eTOM, you can:
• Solve problems faster and more effectively manage risk and growth in your network
• Pre-empt incidents and reduce the effects of those that cannot be prevented
• Accelerate adoption of advanced technologies
• Enable a higher quality end-user experience


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